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Handcrafted skincare harnessing the power of clays, herbs and essential oils to deliver high quality yet gentle  skincare products for you.


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Restore facial oil from Anne's Apothecary


about our clay mask with rose clay 

Not only does the rose clay smell incredible, but this mask leaves my skin feeling hydrated and fresh.


about our black honey facial cleanser

Really good, is starting to even out my skin tone and fade away old acne


about our refresh aromatherapy soap

Best soap I’ve had


about our rescue facial oil serum

I have used face oils in the past that are heavier and my skin feels a little 'bogged down', but this oil is very light and sets quickly. I use this moisturizer every evening before bed, and I LOVE it!


about our calm aromatherapy soap

I love this soap so much. This soap honestly makes me relax after work. I just put on music in the bathroom and have a bath. Lay on my bed and offf.. to la la land. Will definitely buy more


About our balance aromatherapy soap 

So, I purchased this product (along with two other bar soaps) during the summer of 2018 at a local art studio because not only was it affordable, but it had ingredients that caught my attention. I did not realize the wonders that it would do to my skin. I use it as a facial cleanser and have been pleased beyond imagination with the results! It cleared up my acne, soothed my skin, and gave me a natural glow that caught the eye of family and friends. I'm so looking forward to continuing my use of this brand! I just finished my first bar and now I'm onto my second of three! I have not a doubt in the world that the "Eucalyptus and Spearmint" bar soap will provide equal, if not greater, results! This product has provided me confidence that I will have for years to come. Thanks Anne!