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Acne Treatment Set


Because breakouts happen, we created a simple 4 step easy to use skincare kit that addresses every step of the acne phase.

Step 1

Cleanse: combat current acne with natural germ fighting honey and tea tree oil

Detox: deep detox the pores with natural clay and activated charcoal

Tone: balance the ph of your skin with natural aloe, tea tree hydrolat, and botanical extracts.

Moisturize: replenish natural skin complex with jojoba, camellia and safflower oil and reduce redness with German chamomile.

 This set includes

Black Honey Facial Cleanser

Tea Tree Floral Water

Clay Mask with Activated Charcoal

Rescue Facial Oil



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Caitlyn (Portland, US)
Perfect set!

This cleanser and oil are my favorites and I buy them frequently. I was so happy to see it in a bundle. The toner feels lovely and my skin really loves the combo of toner with the oil. My face has been noticeably brighter and evened out. It is never oily or dry. Just perfectly smooth. I should've read about the mask, I didn't know you needed an applicator brush for it. I wish the set would've come with one as an option or at least advised me to purchase one.

Zanya Rascoe (Fairburn, US)

Acne Treatment Set

Kathy P. (Conroe, US)
Great facial treatment products

I have been using the acne treatment set for approximately 3 weeks and my skin is noticeable brighter, soft and smoother. I am pleased with the immediate results and I will begin to use the clay face mask soon.

Claire (Houston, US)
A trip to the spa each time!

I’ve been using the products for about a week now. Every since the start of the pandemic, my acne and dark spots have been TERRIBLE. This stuff is amazing, and it doesn’t hurt to smell all the natural scents in your mask for hours :) A little goes a long way! I highly recommend it. It’s truly calmed my skin a lot better than all the other products with chemicals I can’t pronounce. I can’t wait to see this in stores in Texas!

Ayanna Chase (Ellenwood, US)
Acne Treatment Set

I am a new fan of Anne’s! I love the black honey cleanser and the moisturizing oil is so light, it adds the perfect glowing touch. I also got a sample of the body butter and it’s so smooth - it adds a niiice, moisturizing softness to my skin. The floral water is the perfect spritz of freshness; it’s wonderful for both the face and hair just to freshen up and add a delicate touch. I have yet to try the clay mask but I have a feeling I’ll love it!

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