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Balance Aromatherapy Soap
Valerie Fields (Wilmington, US)
Easy to use and smells amazing!

The Black Honey face wash is fantastic, the face oil is soothing and the Balancing aromatherapy soap bar creates aromatic, creamy suds that does not dry my skin. I have not enjoyed something this much in a long time. Many thanks

Rice Milk Microexfoliant
Crissi (Danbury, US)
Best exfoliant for sensitive skin!

So excited to have found this hidden gem! My new holy grail exfoliant. I have very sensitive skin, and exfoliants typically leave my face red and irritated. This product is super gentle and left my face feeling SO incredibly smooth without irritation. Love the simple, natural ingredients. As someone else mentioned, a little goes a LONG way! (Great for travel too since it's a powder!)

Aloe Daily Comfort Gel
Evie (Ft. Washington, US)
Leaves Me Feeling Beautiful!

I love aloe based products so I had to get this one and it doesn't disappoint! It's light but provides great coverage. I'm getting this again!

Moisture 12+ Facial Moisturizer
Nakisa Vahdat (McLean, US)
One of a Kind Glow for Acne Ridden Combination Skin Type

I have tried quite a few moisturizers from Ipsy plus packages and from the Clinique and other brands that Macy has Christmas deals on and I have never had such a better result for moisturizer than this one. It has a clay like texture but it absorbs incredibly well with my skin and gives me such an amazing glow, especially with the melanin after I've had a nice caramel tan. I feel like my skin can breathe and that my skin absolutely loves it because it absorbs it instantaneously. It even works with other cleansers. I would highly recommend especially for combination skin types. I have never seen such a glow on my skin as I have with this moisturizer.

Hibiscus Body Scrub
K T (Oklahoma City, US)
Excellent scrub!

Love this scrub! Very exfoliating, but still gentle. Pleasant smell. My only recommendation would be for the scrub to come with a scoop/spreader instead of needing to purchase separately. It's hard to keep the entire scrub from getting wet when using wet hands to scoop some out of the jar in the shower. Other than that, this was an excellent purchase - and I'll repurchase again!

Hydrate 8+ lip mask
Kayla Chavez (Simi Valley, US)

I'm happy with this lip mask, its smooth, feels hydrating, and is not sticky.

Daily AHA + Neroli Exfoliant Toner
Amaris (Dartmouth, CA)
Love this toner!

This toner worked great on the texture around my chin. My skin feels super soft and smooth!

Vitamin C Smoothing Serum
K T (Edmond, US)
Excellent serum!

I've seen results after just a few uses of this serum. My skin is firmer and my pores are smaller. Don't love the smell, but it's not strong at all. Highly effective serum & will continue to use and purchase more!

Hibiscus Fruit Facial Cleanser
Kayla Chavez (Simi Valley, US)
Smells so good

I love the fresh, minimal scent for this cleanser and the consistency feels good as well. It cleans without stripping the skin dry, which I appreciate. Very satisfied with this.

Took some adjusting... hehehe

I learned that your body chemistry has to adjust... I have a funny story, but I'll spare y'all the details. I had my husband do several arm pit whiffs throughout my adjusting process... He said he couldn't smell anything... So I'm saying it works! I am going to recommend this product to my bestie thats looking for a natural deodorant for her tween. I have not tried it through a morning workout JUST yet but for home and running errands it seems to do the job. Give it a trail run for about a week to learn your body chemistry. Thats my disclaimer. LOL OH and my armpits look nice, smooth and healthy... if thats a thing! I'm digging it! 😎

Black Honey Facial cleanser
Damali Robertson (Oakland, US)
I'm in love!

I absolutely love, love, love this facial cleanser and all of the products I've tried. I can feel the tingle on my face when I use it. It is amazing. Highly recommend.

Hydrate 8+ lip scrub
erin barringer (Pittsboro, US)
Best lip scrub ever!

I use the lip scrub twice a week and it feels amazing 🤩

Black Honey Facial cleanser
Akia (Detroit, US)
Not for me

This product smells WONDERFUL, however it did the opposite for me. It broke me out badly. I looked like I did in high school. I like tie fact that it's all natural, but the break-outs kept me from using it further. I wished it had worked for me. The lip scrub is awesome.

Moisture 12+ Facial Moisturizer
Mary (Evanston, US)
So good!

Love this moisturizer! I love the packaging. I agree - a little goes a long way. It smells divine and I really notice my skin is so moisturized after each use. Definitely will repurchase!

Black Honey Facial cleanser
Aishah (Mount Vernon, US)
So far so good

It works great and doesn’t irritate the skin. It smells delicious too. I only use it once a day but that’s enough for it to still be effective. Thank you for creating such a lovely, gentle cleanser.

Aloe Daily Comfort Gel
Eléinad (Rochester, US)
This is so awesome!

I absolutely love this product. It's light. It absorbs well into the skin. I'm never oily or shiny after using it. It leaves my face soft. This is my new favourite mosturizer. Ever. I'm hooked.

Moisture 12+ Facial Moisturizer
Garland Downey (Durham, US)
Love Love this Moisturizer

I have never consistently used moisturizers before but I use this one twice a day! I (like you) read the reviews before purchasing and saw that some were concerned by the jar size. Don’t worry - There is a LOT of love love in that little jar! And a little dab really does go a long way. I love the way it makes my skin feel and I love the smell of this and all the facial products. I’m hooked for real!

Moisture 12+ Facial Moisturizer
Marla Powers (Poulsbo, US)
Excellent facial care products

I'm so happy I found Anne's Apothecary (through my Mighty Nest subscription). This is a natural product that makes my skin happy. The glass jar is icing on the top. I use this product every morning. My skin just soaks this moisturizer up. I never have a greasy or over moisturized feel, even at the end of the day. I would highly recommend! Getting ready to order my second batch today!

Floral Water Set (Facial Toner Set)
Garland Downey (Durham, US)
Forever Floral

I didn’t know what to expect with the floral water sprays but I love the smells and that refreshing feel. It is the perfect way to finish cleansing my face.

Black Honey Facial cleanser
Erica marable (Philadelphia, US)
Light & Sweet

Over the post few months, my face has experienced multiple breakouts, uneven skin tone and difficulty maintaining moisture. The classic drugstore products weren't working as much as they once were. My skin care routine was in desperate need of an overhaul. Since I have darker skin tone, dark spots and bumps can leave blemishes that are noticeable. I decided to turn my research to natural and safe products for sensitive skin. I must say this cleanser, step one of my routine, is 100% the answer. When I dispense the solution is smells of sweet honey that is so inviting! I barely feel it on my face but over two weeks I see a huge difference. I no longer dry spot on my face and my tone has improved so much! Not to mention how soft it is!

Daily AHA + Chamomile Exfoliant Toner
AM (West Sacramento, US)
So fresh and so clean

Love using this in my regimen! It’s a gentle toner that keeps my skin feeling really hydrated

Vitamin C Smoothing Serum
Anemmeabasi Bassey (Guelph, CA)
Absolutely Worth It

I switched my entire skincare routine over to Anne’s and I’ve been using it for over a month now and this is the best my skin has been in a year. I’m also a lazy skincarer and sometimes I forgot days and my skin doesn’t get punished for it.

Hibiscus Body Scrub
Sam M. (Champaign, US)
I'm obsessed!

This is hands- down the best scrub I've ever used and I'll absolutely be getting more and some for friends!

Rose Floral Water
Robin S (Candler, US)
Love this so much!

The Rose Water Facial Spray is amazing. This is going to be a permanent addition to my skin care regimen.

Smooth, so smooth!

Love this moisturizer. It’s a bit of a splurge, but a little goes a long way. I had been suffering with dry skin during winter around my nose and this product cleared it right up!