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I love it!

The pumice stone and the rose floral water are worth every penny !

Great hydration

This oil makes my skin feel amazing, and it gives me an amazing glow

You need this mask

Hands down this is the best clay mask I’ve ever had! I have acne prone skin and I use this 1-2 times a week and it has helped with inflammation and keeps my skin clear.

Leaves My Skin Soft, Supple and Moisturized

I would highly suggest this product. I have T-Combo skin with occasional breakouts. I’m 21+8 and I am a skin care feen.

I love this cleanser! When I first tried it I was concerned because it’s not like mainstream cleansers. There was no suds or creamy feeling. But I started to notice that my breakouts were going away. 🖤 I use it as a mask once a week on my face and lips, it’s amazing. Very gentle, smells good and doesn’t leave a residue on the skin thereafter. Although I wish it was in a bigger bottle, we’ll see how long it take for me to get through it. 2 pumps is really all you need and it goes a long way. I wish that the shipping was a little bit quicker, but I understand that this is a small business, so being flexible is important.

10/10 recommend.

Sensitive Skin Approved

I've tried several OTC products for my 11y old daughter to no avail. Her skin is beautiful but super sensitive. Black Honey Facial is the first product that has not produced a breakout or irritation. My girl now has a skincare routine that works! She feels and acts so confident and mature now.

Clay Mask with Activated Charcoal


When I first applied this to my face it felt really watery, but once I lathered it in and let it sit, 🥲🤯 child, listen. The tingle was there and my face was so smooth when it washed it off. I couldn’t believe it. I have pretty sensitive skin and the tingle wasn’t irritating at all. It’s a very nonabrasive face wash that lightly exfoliates. This will definitely be repurchasing this product.

Yes, girl! So happy it worked for you!

Favorite face scrub!

I started using the turmeric body scrub on my face (1-2x/wk) about 6 months ago. I absolutely love how fine the sugar is and how it dissolves on my skin while I exfoliate. Other face scrubs I have used prior to this have been too coarse. My pores are definitely less noticeable after using it and my face is brighter and more smooth. I also started using it on my arms recently due to some dry winter skin and the other day while absentmindedly rubbing my bare arm I thought to myself, "why is my arm so soft?" It's because of the scrub! It has a nice scent as well (I am sensitive to heavy perfumes). Highly recommend this product.

Abbey! Thank you. We love this scrub too!

great ingredients

the composition of this product is great, but the product itself is a little too watery - a thicker, more serum-like formula would make it even better!

Thank you for your review, Eleena!

Loved both items!

I will be a return customer!

Yay! We're so happy you loved them, Gina!


It's so refreshing and cleansing I love the smell to it makes me feel in paradise and my skin comes out feeling like it just had the greatest facial ever

Aww shucks! Thank you for your review, Destiny!

First lip mask experience

I don’t know if all lip masks are as good as this one, but I am thoroughly impressed! I put this on before bed and 12 hours later, I can still feel it. It’s so slick in the best way, not sticky AT ALL, and smells/tastes amazing. After 2 nights of using this, there is a vast difference in the texture and moisture level of my lips. I love that the ingredients are all natural and the company’s overall commitment to being eco friendly.

Thank you for your review, Amy! So happy it worked for you!

Gift cards options are all that

I was able to purchase a gift card with ease and send it to my wife so she can stock up on her favorite products. The process was very simple and quite effective

Glad we could help make that happen for her. And for you as well, Toyanne!

Great product

The rice milk exfoliant is gentle on your skin but really helps removes dead skin buildup and refines pores

Thank you for your review, Toyanne!

Amazing Mask!

This mask is soothing and so worth it! Great size for the price, and smells great.

Thank you, Frances!

Wonderful Product!

Makes applying a mask so much easier!

Happy you liked it!

Not Great for Sensitive Skin

I definitely had a reaction to this mask, but I also have very sensitive skin! Just be aware when purchasing :)

A little goes a long way! Absorbs quickly and works well with my super sensitive skin. I swear it erased my crows feet that were starting to get some ideas at 29 now 😏

Lol! Glad it worked for you girl!

When I first saw the size of it, I was disappointed for the price point. But when I opened it I changed my tune. It's so rich and thick all you need is what's on your fingertip after you touch it. Smells amazing kinda like fruity pebbles and lemon oil 😂, feels luxurious and moisturizes without feeling greasy or heavy. My skin drinks this stuff. Can't wait to try more products.

Ah! Lol your reviews give me life! Thank you!!!

My boyfriend has always known the benefits of and used african black soap. I know he prefers a liquid version when he can find it, so I picked this up around Christmas time. We tried 2 other brands in the past, but they tended to dry my skin out and cause blemishes, so I stopped using it. This one though, whole different story. Glad I gave it another try. The lemon scent is so amazing and we both feel great after using it. It actually helped clear up my super sensitive blemish prone skin. My only complaint is I wish it came in a family size version! That being said, 2 of us have been using it (even though it was supposed to be just for him 😏) and its lasted a full month with a bit left still.

Haha! There's more where that came from!!! Thanks, girl.

Tea Tree Floral Water


Such a refreshing toner that has helped my skin so much in such a short period of tome. I love this toner!

Thank you for your review, Eve!


I stared using vitamin c smoothing serum and daily aha toner a week ago and my skin already looks and feels so much better :) Even after one use my skin improved. so excited to have found Anne’s apothecary and can’t wait to explore more products!

Thank youuuuu!!! I'm so so happy they're working out for you!

Smooth and refreshing

This is my second Black honey facial cleanser, and I love the way it keeps my skin feeling soft and refreshed. It gives my face a brighter glow and even tone.

Yaaassss girl! We're totally Pro Glow over here!


Yeah this thing scrubbed all the crud off my feet!

Lol yaaaassssss!!!!