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Aloe Daily Comfort Gel
Liz M (Ossining, US)
Soft Skin

Only complaint is that I wish it came in a larger size. This is perfect for my face and soothes my skin. A little goes a long way.

Floral Water Set (Facial Toner Set)
Tiffany R (Thomasville, US)
Love love

This is only products I use in my face tried others but always come back to these products. Smells amazing and very refreshing.

Lip Treatment Set
MsNeeta (Fresno, US)
Love this combo!

I actually bought this out of curiosity. Didn't really believe it was a necessity. Now, I really love the scrub and afterwards I use the mask. My lips are much softer. I may not use my chapstick as much since the mask is so moisturizing. Definitely will buy again!

Vitamin C Smoothing Serum
M. (Philadelphia, US)
Vitamin C Smoothing Serum

My skin looks better and brighter and my pores are smaller.

Hibiscus Fruit Facial Cleanser
Maya (Philadelphia, US)

I like this cleanser it cleanses and exfoliates without drying out my skin.

Restore Facial Oil
Maya (Philadelphia, US)
Restore Facial Oil

I love this oil, it smells good. My skin is healthy and glowing.

Tea Tree Floral Water
Maya (Philadelphia, US)
Tea Tree Floral Water

I like it. My skin feels clean, fresh, hydrated and smooth.

Candles by Anne's Apothecary
Mimi (Queens, US)
Better than Jo Malone

This candle smelled up my house more than a Jo Malone. Will continue to purchase. Great work Anne.

Jade Facial Tool Gua Sha
Lana (Tampa, US)
Amazing tool!

I love my jade gua sha! The tool is sturdy and perfect to use on skin. Easy to wash with soap and warm water after each use. I use it with some rose hip oil on my face, really helps with blood flow and lymph drainage. Overall 10/10.

12 hrs approval

I work as a nurse for 12 hrs a day and I am still dry and fresh at the end of the day. I have used other natural deodorants like Tom's and Schmidt's (and a few others) and I always had a problem with feeling wet with any slightest increase in physical activity. I have been using it for more than a month now and I am so happy I finally found something that works. It is also great that the scent is long lasting. It does take an extra minute or so to put it on but so worth it. I will be trying a new scent next time to mix it up and glad there is quite a few to pick from. Thanks Anne for great products!


I alternate between this and black honey. I use this in the am and black honey at night. I love the consistency and that it cleanses but my skin is still soft.


I can feel the tingle when I use this. Even though it is not a scrub I can feel smoother soon after I rinse. Also may be keeping my dark marks fading.

A Clean and Fresh Face

The sponge was super gentle! I love how it softens with water being added. No mold, buildup, or odor! Rinses out easily. Really helps to give my skin the feel of clean. Will definitely purchase again.

easy gift card process!

Thankful that Anne's Apothecary makes it so easy to "share the love." Gift card ordering and sharing was so simple and convenient!

Grapefruit Lip Balm
Amy (Jacksonville, US)
Great natural product!

This product goes on so smooth and silky but has great staying power! I love the size…hard to lose and you can cover your whole lips with a swipe or two. The scent is delicious and I feel really good about the natural ingredients, especially when I use it on my kids.

Healing Butter
MsNeeta (Clovis, US)
Just what I needed!

This is one of my favorites! Nice, smooth texture. Easy to use on my skin. I have to be careful to make it last longer. I can go through a jar in no time. Will definitely purchase again!

Encourage Aromatherapy Soap
MsNeeta (Clovis, US)
My favorite

I really like the mild scent of this soap and how smooth it leaves my skin. I hope they are able to get more in stock. I will definitely buy more!

Moisture 12+ Facial Moisturizer
Brandi M. (Washington, US)
ALL DAY! That’s how long the moisture lasts!

This is my first time using this product and I must say I am completely satisfied. My skin has remained moisturized all day! I was struggling with dry skin around my nose, chin and between my eyebrows. Haven’t had a dry spot since! And it’s very light weight. Love it and will definitely recommend this product!!

Lip Treatment Set
Mikayla (Raleigh, US)
Nice set!

I love the leave on lip mask! I use it every night and wake up to moisturized lips. This is a must during winter!!

Black Honey Facial cleanser *Restock in 2 weeks
Meghann O'Leary (Hamilton, US)
Amazing face cleanser

I love, love, love this facial cleanser. It's so gentle, but effective and I've noticed my skin has been much brighter since using it.

Moisture 12+ Facial Moisturizer
Jessica (Raleigh, US)
Great product

Great product. A little goes a long way!

Pleasantly surprised

I had no knowledge of black honey as a cleanser and took a chance. I absolutely loved it!!! I especially appreciate that is is a daily cleanser or a mask depending on your needs. You have a loyal new customer. Thank you!!!

Rescue Facial Oil
m.s. (San Antonio, US)
I love this product

This facial oil feels luxurious and smells pleasant. It’s especially soothing during the winter months when my face feels dry. I have combination skin and it works really well for me.

Rose Floral Water
Lindsay (Boston, US)
It’s great!

I spray in between my layers of serum, oil, and moisturizer.

Rice Milk Microexfoliant
Nicole (Dallas, US)
Smooth skin

I have been told that weekly exfoliation is important. This made my skin so smooth but did not feel rough when using or extra dry later.