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Moisture 12+ Facial Moisturizer
Tinnae (The Bronx, US)
Moisturizer 12+ Gets an A+

This moisturizer has done an amazing job keeping my skin hydrated and soft. It's a small jar but lasts about 2 months--I use it twice a day. When I do have minor breakouts around cycle time, deep dark spots don't remain. I'm purchasing it again so that's all the review it needs, lol.

Matcha Body Scrub
VeeBee (Fresno, US)

I thought I would experiment and purchase the Matcha body scrub. I wasn't real sure about this since I love the Hibiscus scrub. Now, the Matcha body scrub is my favorite! Wonderful scent and leaves my skin smooth.

Daily AHA + Neroli Exfoliant Toner
Rushell Brassell (Sebring, US)
Smells amazing

just started using it so far so good.

Vitamin C Smoothing Serum
Jessica (Chesterland, US)

I am so pleased with this Vitamin C serum. Very well done, Anne! The formulation is so nice. I have used a few different well known Vit C serums. I was never super crazy about any of them. But this is one that I will repurchase. I like that it really feels like a serum - not too watery and not too oily. Great ingredients, with the best (imo) form of vitamin c right at the top. Kudos and thank you!

Black Honey Facial cleanser
Ada U (Durham, US)
Love it!

Leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. After a few weeks of use, my face is brighter. Highly recommend

Rice Milk Microexfoliant
Amy (St Louis, US)
Natural, effective, good packaging

Impressed with this exfoliant. Natural and easy to use, and seems effective—I’ve only used a few times so far. Does a better job of smoothing my skin without tearing it up than a few other “natural” products I’ve tried (that come in plastic tubes; I appreciate the glass jar). Plus, I kind of dig that baby rice formula scent.

Tea Tree Floral Water
Erica marable (Philadelphia, US)
Clear Skin in a Bottle

I purchased this toner with the Black Honey Cleanser to help combat the back to back breakouts on my face. The combo is definitely a winner! The frequency of my break outs have decreased within two weeks of use. Although a pimple will pop up here and there, the bump never gets big enough to be noticeable or does not fully form. This is using the toner twice a day.

The spray is light and the smell of tea tree is very minimal or undetectable. If you smelled pure Tea Tree before, you know how potent it can be. I believe it works so well because of the addition of Witch Hazel as an ingredient. I will definitely recommend this product.

African Black Liquid Soap
Anonymous (Rockville, US)
The African black soap is everything!

Have used it for years and it has become my sole body cleanser. Love it 😊

Hibiscus Body Scrub
M Lee (Elkridge, US)
Great product

Great product, I'd highly recommend.

Clay Mask with Rose Clay
Trip6Mook (Philadelphia, US)
Love this clay mask

I've been trying a few different masks from a variety of brands lately and this one is one of my favorites. It smells so good (really strong floral - rose- scent, so if that's not your cup of tea I'd try one of the other masks) and is really easy to mix to your desired consistency. My favorite part about this mask is that is definitely helps to keep acne in check and fade dark spots from cystic acne (not sure if that's what it claims to do, but it's something I have personally noticed). I don't get cystic acne often, however, this came in the mail while I was breaking out and my acne was healed in a week. I use this about twice a week and am looking forward to trying the other clay masks from Anne's Apothecary.

Restore Facial Oil
Megs (Chicago, US)
Amazing Product

I love this product. It smells amazing and feels so nice on my skin. My skin feels healthy and hydrated

Encourage Aromatherapy Soap
Marie-Adélina (Rochester, US)
Great Soap

My skin looks and feels great since switching over to this soap! It’s also replaced previous facial cleansers and my face is less oily than before. Thank you!

Rice Milk Microexfoliant
NicTX (Magnolia, US)
The Best!

Can't say enough good things about this product! I feel like every use brings my skin back to life. It looks and feels cleaner and smoother. I started out using it every 3-4 days, and have worked my way to every other. I'm 39, and struggle with acne, large pores, and fine lines. This product has greatly improved all 3, and performs better overall than the costly high-end microexfoliant I was previously using. Highly recommend!

Acne Spot Therapy
Hannah Goldman (Seattle, US)
Gentle yet powerful

Iam in love with this product. I have been having issues with my skin but Anne's has really helped me. Literally in one night my skin had a better appearance.

Revive Facial Oil
Amy (Overland, US)
Lovely consistency and scent

I prefer this retinol oil over the lighter serums I've tried before, which didn't feel like they were accomplishing much. This has a more substantial consistency and pleasant orange-y scent. Haven't had any poor reactions and it feels good on my skin, like it's enough of a moisturizer to use alone at night with an eye cream. Also dig the ingredients and glass container. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for in terms of skin improvement with retinol-type products, but I know they're suggested as we age.

Sensitive Skin Set
Samantha (Southfield, US)

I have extremely sensitive skin and recently I've been having an allergic reaction to EVERYTHING I put on my face. So, I stopped using all my products on my face with the exception of witch hazel and hydrocortisone cream (it was rough)! I started doing some research on natural and organic skin care for sensitive skin and I came across this bran and decided to give it a try. The best thing I ever did! My Husband says my skin looks the best he's ever seen and we've been together for 11 years so that says a lot. Nothing in this set is harsh or overly scented. The face wash and oil are light and very moisturizing. My pores never get clogged and to my surprise the oil does not make my skin oily. I love the rose spray it just elevates my skin care routine and it smells amazing! I use the clay mask once or twice a week or just on days when I've been really active and sweat a lot and it works perfect. I am absolutely in Love with these products and I have already recommended Several people to try using these line of products. Just amazing!

Sensitive Skin Set
Dee (Washington, US)

These products are amazing. I have seen significant improvement in my skin within a few weeks of use. I get a lot of blackheads on my nose and the black honey cleanser gets rid of all of them. Not to mention the products smell amazing and are natural. Highly recommend!

Daily AHA + Olive Exfoliant Toner
Robin S (Asheville, US)
Love this product!

Why am I not surprised?! Everything from Anne’s Apothecary has exceeded expectations.
I love this company!

Hibiscus Fruit Facial Cleanser
Jessica (Chesterland, US)

I have been using this lovely cleanser for several weeks. The milky consistency feels very thin but effective. It's like you can tell based on the ingredients that this has exfoliating qualities without any harshness. I massage it on my face for a minute or so and then rinse. My face feels clean but not stripped. Between the texture and the light fruity scent, it is a pleasurable experience!

Hydrate 8+ lip scrub
KEW (Dallas, US)
Doesn’t recommend

Smells good. Had high hopes but it doesn’t do much for me.

Calm Aromatherapy Soap
Sara (Naperville, US)
Lovely- smells like dried lavender

Lovely soap- smells like dried lavender which I feel has an earthiness to it over lavender oil.

Acne Treatment Set
Taylor Actkins (Mesa, US)
Love it!

I absolutely love this bundle. Before I found Anne’s the other products I used were clog my pores. I’ve had the acne treatment bundle for 18 days now and I am already noticing a difference! My pores are not clogged and my skin is so smooth. I loved the acne treatment bundle so much that I have already purchased the vit c serum and rice milk exfoliate. These two products are just as amazing as the acne treatment.

Pumpkin Enzymatic Resurfacing Mask
Megan (Cincinnati, US)
Works great!

My skin feels lighter!

Tea Tree Floral Water
Lisette Mckenzie (Sanford, US)
Love it!

I purchased the black honey facial cleanser and tea tree floral water for my teenage daughter who gets frequent acne breakouts and is plagued with dark spots. It's 5 days in and her skin is clearing up and looking fresh. She said using the products gives her a clean, smooth feeling that she loves. We will, definitely, be purchasing again.

Turmeric Body Scrub
Lauren Germinario (Englewood, US)
luxurious exfoliating experience

Imagine a moisturizing exfoliator that makes you feel like you're at a high-end spa. That's the feeling I got when I used this body scrub. My favorite time to use it is before shaving my legs. I've never had a smoother shave and such even skintone.