5 Anti ageing benefits of Hibiscus

5 Benefits of Hibiscus for Skin: The Anti-Ageing Plant

Hibiscus Plant Extract Anne's Apothecary

When you think about the Hibiscus Plant - you think large, colorful flowers, right?
The Hibiscus Plant is mostly found in warm temperate, tropical and subtropical regions around the world. At Anne’s Apothecary, we use the Sudanese Hibiscus, also called the Sudanese Rose.
The Hibiscus Plant, while beautiful and used mostly for decorative purposes in a home or garden, also has medicinal benefits. 
Its flowers and leaves can be made into teas and liquid extracts which can be used to treat a variety of conditions such as bacterial infections, high blood pressure and lots more.
However, let’s talk about the Hibiscus Plant and it’s skincare benefits.

  • It is a natural cleanser

Hibiscus has natural surfactants called saponins which help cleanse your skin in a natural way. The natural saponins and organic acid in Hibiscus also promote shedding of dead skin cells. Therefore, it can be safely used as a natural cleanser.

  • It brightens and exfoliates your skin

Hibiscus is a natural source of AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). These AHAs encourage the renewal of skin cells shedding off dead skin cells. The Hibiscus plant also contains citric and malic acid, which brighten and exfoliate the skin. This means of exfoliation through AHAs helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and increase skin clarity by encouraging smoother, and brighter looking skin.

  • It has anti-ageing properties

Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants called anthocyanins that help to reverse the damage caused by UV rays, dust, pollutants, etc. on your skin. This is by fighting off free radicals thereby preventing premature skin aging and decreasing inflammation. 

  • It moisturizes your skin

Hibiscus plants contain a lot of mucilage, which is a sticky fluid found in plant matter that helps with the storage of water and food. This mucilage is a natural skin moisturiser that is very gentle on sensitive skin and helps our skin look and feel hydrated by enhancing our skin’s ability to retain moisture.

  • It may speed up wound healing.

Hibiscus extracts help to increase the production of fibronectin which is a protein that helps the edges of wounds close. It also stimulates the expression of genes that are involved in various healing processes including skin hydration and regeneration.

Would you like to enjoy these benefits as well?


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