Natural Washcloth


Our Natural Washcloth is made from the agave plant and is amazing for gently exfoliating skin. 

- A kinder, gentler exfoliator
- Durable and long-lasting
- Machine washable and dry-able
- Just enough texture to feel the exfoliation

2 sides to personalize your shower experience

Soft side for baby bottoms, face and gentle areas and a textured side for deep exfoliation.  

Uses: Using daily removes dead skin gently. 

How to use:

Create a lather with soap to wet wash cloth and apply to your skin in circular motions.

Our promise "Skincare You Feel Good About!

Here is why
- You're doing something good for the environment. 
- It's like giving yourself a gentle, daily hug
- Feel more confident in your own skin.

Weight. 0.5oz

Dimensions:  "11 1/2" x 11" about the size of a wash cloth.

Ingredients: 100% Renewable Sisal Fiber

Other things we though you'd like to know

  • Will not fade after repeated washes. 
  • Gets softer with multiple uses. Replace at 3 months if used daily. 
  • Comes with a loop for hanging
  • Just the right amount of soft and holds a full sized bar of soap.
  • Renewable, sustainable & biodegradable

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